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Finances associated with this website will be documented in detail on this page.  The purpose of documenting expenses and income will be to present to all what investment has been made by family members towards the mission of Qidwai.NET.  Please note the objective is not give individuals kudos; however contributor names will be put down next to the contributions to openly document where the money has come from.  Similarly expenses will be documented to openly demonstrate how funds have been spent.



The beneficiary of the donations will be the parent company Qidwai.NET L.L.C. which owns the Qidwai domains and associated assets.  Qidwai.NET L.L.C. is a  private, registered, for-profit entity authorized to conduct business.  Qidwai.NET L.L.C. will offer all Qidwai.NET related services for free, for non-profit to family members, i.e. Qidwai.NET LLC the parent company will not accept any donations beyond the cost associate with Qidwai.NET the internet service.


Are Donations Tax-Exempt?

Since Qidwai.NET L.L.C. is not a non-profit company, donations are not tax-exempt.

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